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Regigigas, Heatran available to redeem in March

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blurb=Regigigas and Heatran, available in March, are the next two Legendary Pokémon available to get in the year-long event. }}

[[File:Regigigas Heatran Legendary Year 2018.jpg|thumb|Regigigas and Heatran event poster]]
{{bp|Regigigas}} and {{bp|Heatran}}, available in March, are the next two {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}} available to get in the year-long event. Players who own {{bp|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Pokémon Ultra Sun}} or {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Pokémon Sun}} can get Regigigas and players who own Pokémon Ultra Moon or Pokémon Moon can get Heatran.

The code to redeem the Pokémon will be in an upcoming {{bp|Pokémon Trainer Club}} newsletter arriving in March. Players must sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club account by March 1, 2018.

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