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Detective Pikachu demo announced

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[[File:Detective Pikachu JP Boxart.png |thumb|Detective Pikachu Japanese boxart]]
In the video released by {{bp|Nintendo}}, they showed the new {{bp|Nintendo 3DS|3DS theme}}, available by {{bp|Serial code|download code}}, a special demo version and showed off new characters.

A special demo version will be released in early March 2018 for free on the {{bp|Nintendo eShop}} that allows players to begin playing the game and later transfer their progress to the final game.

For the 3DS theme, users can receive a download code through [ select retailers] and the offer for this ends April 22nd, 2018.

The announced characters announced are:
*{{bp|Emilia Christie}}, {{bp|GNN}} news reporter
*{{bp|Meiko Okamoto}}, GNN camerawoman
*{{bp|Roger Clifford}}, GNN producer
*{{bp|Ethan Graham}}, president of GNN
*{{bp|Brad McMaster}}, {{bp|Ryme City Police Department}} lieutenant
*{{bp|Mike Baker}}, head of the {{bp|Baker Detective Agency}}

The Japanese voice actors announced are:
*Roger Clifford, Hiroki Tōchi
*Ethan Graham, Michio Hazama
*Mewtwo, Tōru Furuya

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