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taglinepublisher=First Episode to air March 24thEscparth |
blurbpublisherlink=The Newest Pokémon Anime Series has been announced for the West. The Series is to be called PokémonUser:Escparth Sun& Moon Ultra Adventures and has an airing date of March 24th at 4pm Eastern in the United States. }}|
tagline=First episode to air March 24th |
blurb=Disney XD to air the 21st English dubbed season of the anime starting March 24th. }}
[[File:Disney_XD_Logo.png:|thumb: |Disney XD Logo}}]]
The{{wp|Disney Newest Pokémon Anime SeriesXD}} has been announced forthat the''{{bp|S21|Pokémon West. Thethe Series is to be called Pokémon: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures}}'', andthe has an airing21st dateseason of Mar.the 24thanime's 2018English atdub, 9amwill Easternpremiere TimeMarch in the United States24th.
The series first episode will be entitled "A Dream Encounter." Disney XD will air a new episode every day for a week up until the 31st of Mar.
The List of Announced episodes are below
*3/24 *A Dream Encounter
*3/25Scheduled *Nowfor Youa See9 Thema.m. Now{{wp|Eastern YouTime Don'tZone|EST}} time slot, Disney XD will air a new episode every day for at least a week, up until March 31st. The announced episode titles for the respective batch are listed below:
*3/26 *DeceivingMarch Appearances24th - ''{{bp|SM044|A Dream Encounter!}}''
* March 25th - ''{{bp|SM045|Now You See Them, Now You Don't!}}''
*3/27 *AMarch Masked26th Warning- ''{{bp|SM046|Deceiving Appearances!}}''
* March 27th - ''{{bp|SM047|A Masked Warning!}}''
*3/28 *March 28th - ''{{bp|SM048|Night of A Thousand Poses!}}''
* March 29th - ''{{bp|SM049|Mission: Total Recall!}}''
*3/29 *Mission:March Total30th Recall- ''{{bp|SM050|Faba's Revenge!}}''
* March 31st - ''{{bp|SM051|Family Determination!}}''
*3/30 *Faba's Revenge!
*3/31 *Family Determination!