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taglinepublisher=First Episode to air March 24thEscparth |
blurbpublisherlink=The Newest Pokémon Anime Series has been announced for the West. The Series is to be called PokémonUser:Escparth Sun& Moon Ultra Adventures and has an airing date of March 24th at 4pm Eastern in the United States. }}|
tagline=First episode to air March 24th, 2018 |
blurb=Disney XD have announced more episodes for the Pokémon anime series, Sun and Moon Adventures, for North America. }}
[[File:Disney_XD_Logo.png:|thumb: |Disney XD Logo}}]]
The{{wp|Disney NewestXD}} Pokémonhave Animeannounced Seriesmore has been announcedepisodes for the West.Pokémon Theanime Seriesseries, is{{bp|Sun toand beMoon calledseries|Sun Pokémon: Sun&and Moon- Ultra Adventures}}, andfor has{{wp|North anAmerica}}. airingThe datenext ofepisode after the long break will be on Mar. 24th, 2018 at 9am9 am {{wp|Eastern Time Zone|EST}} in the {{wp|United States}}. Disney XD will air a new episode every day for a week up until Mar. 31st, 2018.
The series first episode will be entitled "A Dream Encounter." Disney XD will air a new episode every day for a week up until the 31st of Mar.
The List of Announced episodes are below
*3/24 *A Dream Encounter
*3/25The *Nowlist Youof Seeannounced Themepisodes Now You Don'tare below:
*3/24 - ''A Dream Encounter
*3/2625 *Deceiving- ''Now You See Them Now You Don't'' Appearances!
*3/26 - ''Deceiving Appearances!''
*3/27 *- ''A Masked Warning!''
*3/28 - ''Night of A Thousand Poses!''
*3/2829 *Night- of''Mission: ATotal Thousand PosesRecall!''
*3/30 - ''Faba's Revenge!''
*3/2931 *Mission:- Total''Family RecallDetermination!''
*3/30 *Faba's Revenge!
*3/31 *Family Determination!