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tagline=First episode to air March 24th, 2018 |
blurb=Disney XD haveto announced more episodes forair the Pokémon21st animeEnglish series,dubbed Sunseason andof Moonthe Adventures,anime forstarting NorthMarch America24th. }}
[[File:Disney_XD_Logo.png|thumb|Disney XD Logo]]
{{wp|Disney XD}} havehas announced more episodes for the Pokémon anime series,that ''{{bp|SunS21|Pokémon andthe MoonSeries: series|Sun and& Moon - Ultra Adventures}}'', forthe {{wp|North21st America}}.season The next episode afterof the longanime's breakEnglish will be on Mar. 24thdub, 2018 at 9 am {{wp|Eastern Time Zone|EST}} in the {{wp|United States}}. Disney XD will airpremiere aMarch new episode every day for a week up until Mar. 31st, 201824th.
TheScheduled listfor ofa 9 a.m. {{wp|Eastern Time Zone|EST}} time slot, Disney XD will air a new episode every day for at least a week, up until March 31st. The announced episodesepisode titles for the respective batch are listed below:
*3/24 - ''A Dream Encounter
*3/25 March 24th - ''Now{{bp|SM044|A YouDream See Them Now You DonEncounter!}}'t''
*3/26 March 25th - ''Deceiving{{bp|SM045|Now AppearancesYou See Them, Now You Don't!}}''
*3/27 March 26th - ''A Masked{{bp|SM046|Deceiving WarningAppearances!}}''
*3/28 March 27th - ''Night of {{bp|SM047|A ThousandMasked PosesWarning!}}''
*3/29 March 28th - ''Mission:{{bp|SM048|Night of A TotalThousand RecallPoses!}}''
*3/30 March 29th - ''Faba's{{bp|SM049|Mission: Total RevengeRecall!}}''
*3/31 March 30th - ''Family{{bp|SM050|Faba's DeterminationRevenge!}}''
* March 31st - ''{{bp|SM051|Family Determination!}}''