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article=LugiaBulbasaur to appearavailable in Raidupcoming BattlesPokémon inGO PokémonCommunity GODay |
tagline=Returns onOn March 16th,25th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 2018UTC |
linktarget=Lugia_to_appear_in_Raid_Battles_in_Pokémon_GOBulbasaur_available_in_upcoming_Pokémon_GO_Community_Day |
pictype=thumb |
picture=LugiaBulbasaur Pokemon GO Community Day.jpg |
caption=Lugia inBulbasaur Pokémon GO Community Day |
weekday=FridaySaturday |
day=1617 |
month=3 |
year=2018 |
discusslink= |
sourcetype=othersite |
sourcename=Pokémon GO update articleLive |
sourcelink= |
blurb=FromBulbasaur Marchwill 16th,be Lugiathe isnext toPokemon return to Raid Battlesavailable in the Pokémon GO. InCommunity additionDay running on March 25th, Rayquaza2018 willfrom no10:00 longerAM beto available1:00 PM UTC.
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{{Lead article|
article=SimplerLugia log-into willappear bein addedRaid toBattles in Pokémon GO |
tagline=GOReturns accountson willMarch be16th, able to link to Facebook and log-in will be simpler2018 |
linktarget=Simpler_log-in_will_be_added_to_Pokémon_GOLugia_to_appear_in_Raid_Battles_in_Pokémon_GO |
pictype=thumb |
picture=PokemonLugia GoPokemon LogoGO.pngjpg |
caption=Lugia in Pokémon GO logo |
weekday=Friday |
day=16 |
sourcetype=othersite |
sourcename=Pokémon GO update article |
sourcelink= |
blurb=PokémonFrom GOMarch will16th, beLugia introducingis supportto forreturn accountto linkageRaid withBattles Facebook. Furthermore,in Pokémon GO. willIn beaddition, makingRayquaza theirwill log-inno processlonger simpler with the Facebook linkage making progress easier to save acrossbe devicesavailable.
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; [[Simpler log-in will be added to Pokémon GO]]: GO accounts will be able to link to Facebook and log-in will be simpler