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tagline=Available if £19.99/$19.99 is spent on selected TCG products in UK/Ireland, IRE, FR, and IT |
blurb=Six limited edition Pokemon cards featuring Ash's Pikachu are available in the UK, Ireland, France, and IrelandItaly if £19.99/$19.99 is spent on selected TCG products. }}
From March 16th, 2018, {{bp|TCG}} collectors who spend £19.99/$19.99 on selected TCG products in {{wp|UK}}/, {{wp|Ireland}}, {{wp|France}}, and {{wp|Italy}} can get a pack of three limited edition {{bp|Pokémon}} cards featuring {{bp|Ash's Pikachu}}. These six limited-edition cards will only be available while stocks last.
==UK stores==
AshPikachuSMPromo76.jpg|Alola Cap Ash's Pikachu
==External links==
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