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New Pokémon GO Research feature announced

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blurb=Pokémon GO have announced a Research feature to be available later this week. The research is connected to Mew and involves both Field and Special Research set by Professor Willow. They both offer rewards. }}

[[File:Pokemon GO Professor Willow.png|thumb|Willow in Pokémon GO]]
{{bp|Pokémon GO}} have announced a Research feature to be available later this week. The research is connected to {{bp|Mew}} and involves both Field and Special Research.

Field Research tasks involve interacting with nearby {{bp|PokéStops|PokéStops}}, which give objectives that include discovering and catching certain Pokémon or engaging with battles to name but a few.

Special Research is requested by {{bp|Professor Willow}}, and players complete a journey to make "important discoveries".

Both types of research offer rewards, including a variety of items and even encounters with certain {{bp|Pokémon}}. There is no limit on how many research tasks are undertaken every day. The tasks have different levels of difficulty, and the more challenging a research task is, the greater the reward is.

One stamp per day can be earned by completing at least one Field Research task. When a player accumulates seven stamps, they can achieve a Research Breakthrough to receive better rewards and the potential to encounter a {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}}.

Pokemon_GO_iPhone_Research_Map.png|Map View
Pokemon_GO_iPhone_Field_Research.png|Field Research
Pokemon_GO_iPhone_Research_Breakthrough.png|Research Breakthrough
Pokemon_GO_iPhone_Special_Research.png|Special Research
Pokemon_GO_iPhone_Professor_Willow.png|Professor Willow