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tagline=Events in Stuttgart, Tours, and Sheffield |
blurb=Registration for events in Stuttgart, Germany (from April 14th-15th); Tours, France (from May 19th-20th); and Sheffield, UK (from June 16th-17th) is now open. }}

[[File:Play Pokemon logo.png|thumb|Play! Pokémon logo]]
Registration for events in {{wp|Stuttgart}}, {{wp|Germany}} (from April 14th-15th); {{wp|Tours}}, {{wp|France}} (from May 19th-20th); and {{wp|Sheffield}}, {{wp|United Kingdom|UK}} (from June 16th-17th) is now open.

*Stuttgart, Germany, will be hosting a {{bp|Play! Pokémon|Regional Championship}}, with Championship Points and other rewards to be won.

*Tours, France, will host a Special Event, where players can compete for Championship Points.

*Sheffield, UK, will be hosting a Regional Championship. As in Germany, players will battle for Championship Points and other rewards.