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article=MareepRegistration announcednow open for upcomingthree events on the Pokémon GOChampionship CommunitySeries Day2018 |
tagline=ToEvents bein heldStuttgart, on Apr. 15Tours, 2018 from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PMand UTCSheffield |
linktarget=Mareep_announced_for_upcoming_Pokémon_GO_Community_DayRegistration_now_open_for_three_events_on_the_Pokémon_Championship_Series_2018 |
pictype=thumb |
picture=Mareep_Pokemon_GO_Community_DayPlay Pokemon logo.jpgpng |
caption=MareepPlay! CommunityPokémon Daylogo |
weekday=TuesdayFriday |
day=2730 |
month=3 |
year=2018 |
discusslink= |
sourcetype=othersite |
sourcename=Pokémon GO LiveGamepress |
sourcelink=https |
blurb=MareepRegistration is the next Pokémonfor availableevents in theStuttgart, PokémonGermany GO(from CommunityApril Days.14th-15th); TheTours, communityFrance day(from willMay be19th-20th); heldand on AprilSheffield, 15th 2018UK (from 09:00June AM16th-17th) to 12:00is PMnow UTCopen.
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{{Lead article|
article=New Gym Leader avatar setsMareep announced for upcoming Pokémon GO Community Day |
tagline=OutfitTo unlockingbe dependsheld on gymApr. leader15, rank2018 from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM UTC |
linktarget=New_Gym_Leader_avatar_sets_announced_for_Pokémon_GOMareep_announced_for_upcoming_Pokémon_GO_Community_Day |
pictype=thumb |
picture=Pokemon GO Gym Leader Avatar ItemsMareep_Pokemon_GO_Community_Day.jpg |
caption=PokémonMareep GOCommunity Gym Leader Avatar ItemsDay |
weekday=Tuesday |
day=27 |
discusslink= |
sourcetype=othersite |
sourcename=Pokémon GO tweetLive |
sourcelink= |
blurb=NianticMareep hasis announcedthe threenext newPokémon Gymavailable Leaderin avatarthe setsPokémon GO Community Days. The abilitycommunity today unlockwill thembe dependsheld on GymApril, 15th 2018 from 09:00 AM to Leader12:00 medalPM ranksUTC.
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==Older articles==
* March 21: [[Details of Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza 2018 announced]]
* March 17: [[Limited edition Pokémon cards featuring Ash's Pikachu available]]
* March 17: [[Bulbasaur available in upcoming Pokémon GO Community Day]]
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==News in brief==
; [[New Gym Leader avatar sets announced for Pokémon GO]]: Outfit unlocking depends on gym leader rank
; [[New Pokémon GO Research feature announced]]: Field and Special Research connected to Mew announced
; [[Details of Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza 2018 announced]]: Returning March 22nd, 20:00pm UTC/1:00pm PDT