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New Pokémon Duel April 2018 update

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blurb=An update for Pokémon Duel was released on April 6th. It added the ability for some Pokémon to change forms during battles, limited-time login bonuses, a social feature and the addition of Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram. }}

[[File:Pokemon Duel April 2018 Update.jpg|thumb|Pokémon Duel update poster]]

{{bp|Pokémon Duel}}, available on the {{wp|App Store (iOS)|Apple App Store}}, {{wp|Google Play}}, and {{wp|Amazon Appstore}}, was updated on April 6th and has received several in-game additions:
* Some {{bp|Pokémon}} have the ability to change their form during battles, for example, {{bp|Rotom}}.
* The addition of limited-time log in bonuses. Players can get rare items and a Booster 6-pack ticket guaranteed to include at least one [EX] or higher rarity figure.
* {{bp|Kyurem}} is now available, and in the right deck, it'll be able to change its form. In addition, both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem have been introduced and {{bp|DNA Splicers}} is required. All three Pokémon are available in the April 2018 Recommended Booster A and the April 2018 Booster 10-pack A.
* The new social feature allows players to follow each other and track progresses. Players will receive special items if enough players are followed, and extra will be earnt if players follow you back.

{{bp|The Pokémon Company}} have also revealed that an upcoming tournament feature will be released. A pre-tournament will be held soon to preview this feature. Future tournaments will be held in various formats.

In addition, April's Booster 10-Packs have included {{bp|Raikou}} and {{bp|Entei}} because of [ Pokemon's Legendary Year 2018].