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M21 trailer revealed further details

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blurb=On April 9, 2018, two new movie characters and some Japanese voice actors were revealed on Oha Suta. The debut of Zeraora was also revealed. }}

[[File:M21 poster.png|thumb|M21 movie poster]]
The current cast for the {{bp|M21|21st movie}} are as follows:
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Mana Ashida}} voicing Largo;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Rina Kawaei}} voicing Lisa;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Gaku Hamada}} voicing Torito;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Koji Ohkura}} voicing Kagachi;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Masako Nozawa}} voicing Hisul;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Shoko Nakagawa}} voicing Riku;
*{{bp|List of Japanese voice actors|Kouichi Yamadera}} voicing Oliver.

Two new characters were revealed:
*'''Riku''' is Lisa's younger brother;
*'''Oliver''' is Largo's father and the mayor of Fuura City.

The debut of Zeraora was also revealed.

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