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M10 to M13 movie collection announced for UK

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blurb=Manga Entertainment UK has announced a movie collection, in DVD format, of movies 10-13 will be released in the UK on May 21, 2018. It is available for pre-order now. }}

[[File:M10 13 Movie Collection UK.jpg|thumb|M10 to M13 Movie Collection DVD]]
{{bp|Manga Entertainment UK}} has announced a movie collection called ''Pokémon Movie Collection 10-13: Diamond & Pearl'' which will be in a {{wp|DVD}} format. It will include the movies 10 to 13 and will be released in the {{bp|United Kingdom|UK}} on May 21, 2018. It is available for {{wp|pre-order}} now. They all contain English audio only.

The movies included are:
* {{bp|M10}} - The Rise of {{bp|Darkrai}}
* {{bp|M11}} - {{bp|Giratina}} and the {{bp|Shaymin|Sky Warrior}}
* {{bp|M12}} - {{bp|Arceus}} and the Jewel of Life
* {{bp|M13}} - {{bp|Zoroark}} - the Master of Illusions

==Movie posters==
M10 English poster digital.png|M10 movie poster
M11 English poster digital.png|M11 movie poster
M12 English poster digital.png|M12 movie poster
M13 English poster digital.png|M13 movie poster