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[[File:Legendary Pokemon Logo.png|thumb|Pokémon Legendary distribution logo]]
For {{bp|Pokémon|Pokémon's}} Legendary Year 2018, {{bp|Xerneas}} and {{bp|Yveltal}} will be the 2 {{bp|Legendary Pokémon|legendaries}} being distributed in May. They are the Legendary Pokémon from the {{bp|Kalos}} region. TheySerial arecodes availablewill tobe redeemdistributed from May 4 to May 27.
*Italy at GameStop stores;
*UK and Ireland at GAME stores;
*Australia at EB AustraliaGames stores;
*Canada at EB CanadaGames stores;
*Mexico at Best Buy in Mexicostores;
*MicroplayChile inat ChileMicroplay stores;
*ElduendeGuatemala inat GuatemalaEl Duende stores;
*MasPeru Gamersat inMásGamers Perustores;
*AlkostoColombia inat ColombiaAlkosto stores;
*EstigamesPanama inat PanamaEstiGames stores;
*Vertigo in Costa Rica at Vertigo stores;
*Nicaragua at Zona Cool in Nicaraguastores;
*Honduras at Game Station in Hondurasstores.