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New Rock-type Field Research announced for Pokémon GO

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[[File:Rock Type Field Research GO.jpg|thumb|Rock Type Field Research]]
New Field Research has been announced for {{bp|Pokémon GO}}. It will center around {{bp|Rock (type)|Rock-type}} Pokémon. Rock-type {{bp|Pokémon}} such as {{bp|Geodude}}, {{bp|Lileep}}, and {{bp|Nosepass}} will appear more frequently in the wild.

A player's Buddy Pokémon will earn {{bp|Candy (GO)|Candy}} 4× faster throughout the event. Players will also receive extra XP for spinning the Photo Discs at {{bp|PokéStop|PokéStops}} or {{bp|Gym (GO)|Gyms}}. In addition, there is a Raid Battle available with {{bp|Aerodactyl}} as a reward of the Field Research.

It will start on May 24 at 1:00 PM {{wp|Pacific Time Zone|PDT}} and finish on May 5.

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