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M21 theme song details announced

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blurb=It has been revealed that the theme song for Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story will be titled "Breath" written by Porno Graffitti, a Japanese rock band. }}

[[File:M21 logo.png|thumb|M21 logo]]
It has been revealed that the {{bp|List of English opening themes|theme song}} for {{bp|M21|Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story}} will be titled "Breath" written by {{wp|Porno Graffitti}}, a Japanese rock band.

It will be about {{bp|Ash}} and {{bp|Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu}} on the final day of the "Wind Festival" which is held once a year, set in Fuura City where the {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}} {{bp|Lugia}} appears and brings a "blessed wind".

{{quote|I am honored to be in charge of the theme song. Everyone who has finished watching this movie, I think that it will surely be sunny and the power to head towards tomorrow will come. Even if a breeze is calm, I thought it would be a song that could boost your feelings.|Akihito Okano}}

The song is set to be released July 25, 2018.
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