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Friends feature announced for Pokémon GO

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In order to add a friend in {{bp|Pokémon GO}}, players must first ask for a Trainer Code and then send a request. If they accept, players will see their friends in the Friends List.
When players spin a Photo Disc at a {{bp|PokéStop}} or {{bp|Gym (GO)|Gym}}, there is a chance of receiving a special Gift. Players can send gifts received from PokéStops to a friend on their Friend List. The gift will have a number of items along with a postcard the PokéStop. Gifts can also contain ana 7{{wp|Kilometre|km}} {{bp|Regional variant#Alola|Alola Pokémon}} {{bp|Egg}}.
Sending gifts or participating in battles can increase a player's Friendship Level and this allows the opportunity to unlock new bonuses e.g. an increased attack level during battles. Players can increase their Friendship Level once per day per friend.