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taglinepublisher=Pokémon GO summer solstice promotion begins today, June 21stEscparth |
blurbpublisherlink=ToUser:Escparth celebrate the summer solstice, the Pokémon GO official Twitter account has announced that Lunatone and Solrock have started to appear in different regions. }}|
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blurb=To celebrate the summer solstice, Lunatone and Solrock have started to appear in different regions around the world in Pokémon GO. }}
[[File:Pokemon Go Logo.png|thumb|Pokémon GO logo]]
The{{wp|Niantic, PokémonInc.|Niantic}} GO Twitter accounthave has announced thatadded {{p|Solrock}} and {{p|Lunatone}}, havewhich startedare both {{bp|Rock (type)|Rock-}} and {{bp|Psychic (type)|Psychic}}-types and originally found in the {{bp|Hoenn}} region, to appear{{bp|Pokémon GO}}. They are appearing in different regions in celebration of the {{wp|Summer solstice|summer solstice}}.