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blurb=Squirtle caught and evolved on July 8th will be able to learn the move Hydro Cannon. Completing Field Research tasks on that day will also give youplayers a chance to encounter a Squirtle wearing sunglasses. }}
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[[File:Squirtle Community Day Pokemon GO.jpg|thumb|Pokémon GO community day]]
{{wp|Niantic (company)|Niantic}} has announced that any {{p|Squirtle}} caught and evolved into a {{p|Blastoise}} in {{bp|Pokémon GO}} on Community Day, July 8th, will be able to learn the move {{bp|Hyro Cannon (move)|Hydro Cannon}}, a powerful {{bp|Water (type)| Water type}} move. If youplayers complete Field Research tasks on the Community Day youplayers will also have a chance of encountering a Squirtle wearing sunglasses, similar to the {{bp|Squirtle Squad|anime}}.
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