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Pikachu anniversary event announced for Pokémon GO

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blurb=From July 6th to July 31st, playersboth willPichu haveand anPikachu increasedwill chanceappear ofmore findingfrequently bothfor Pichuthe and Pikachuevent. Players will also have a chance of finding a special Summer Style Pikachu during the event. }}
[[File:Pokemon GoGO Birthday Logo2018.pngjpg|thumb|Pokémon GO logobirthday]] {{catg|Pokémon GO}}
{{wp|Niantic (company)|Niantic}} has announced an anniversary event that is to take place from July 6th {{wp|Pacific Time Zone|PDT}} to July 31st. The event will make both {{p|Pichu}} and {{p|Pikachu}} appear more commonfrequently as well as giving players a chance to find a special Summer Style Pikachu. The Summer Style Pikachu has a straw hat and black sunglasses. Players with the gold Pikachu Fan medal will also be able to purchase some new Pikachu related avatar items including a T-shirt and Pikachu ears. DuringIt thehas announcementalso itbeen wasannounced alsothat revealedthe that{{bp|Mythical Pokémon}} {{p|Celebi}}, originally found in the {{bp|Johto}} region, will have a global event in the near future.
20th Anniversary Celebi.png|Celebi