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tagline=Eevee revealed as featured Pokémon |
blurb=Pokémon GO Community Day for August will take place August 11-12, 2pm-5pm EDT. Eevee will be the featured Pokémon, spawning more frequently and knowing an exclusive, currently undisclosed move. }}
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[[File:GO Community Day Logo.png|thumb|Pokémon GO Community Day logo]]
{{wp|Niantic (company)|Niantic}} has provided some details for the next {{bp|Pokémon GO}} Community Day. {{p|Eevee}} will be the featured Pokémon, spawning more frequently, granting players 3x stardust per capture, and knowing an exclusive move which is yet to be announced. OnThe toptimings of the specialcommunity Eeveeday relatedevent perks, lureswhich will lastbe 3held hours long during the event. The next Community Day is scheduled to take placeon August 11-12th12, 2pm-5pm2018 {{wp|Easternvaries Timebetween Zone| EDT}}.regions:
* The Asia-Pacific region: from 12 pm to 3 pm {{wp|Japan Standard Time|JST}} (UTC +9)
* Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: from 9 am to 12 pm {{wp|Coordinated Universal Time|UTC}} (UTC +0)
* The Americas and Greenland: from 11 am to 2 pm {{wp|Pacific Standard Time|PST}} (UTC -8)
In addition, there will be 3-hour lures and 3x catch {{bp|Stardust|GO}}, as bonuses. The exclusive move is not yet known.
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