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Registeel to appear in Raid Battles in Pokémon GO

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blurb=Registeel is set to make its debut in Raid Battles in Pokémon GO on July 19. }}

[[File:Registeel Pokemon GO.jpg|thumb|Registeel in GO]] {{catg|Pokémon GO}}

{{bp|Registeel}} is a {{bp|Steel (type)|steel-type}} {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}}, part of the {{bp|Legendary titans}}, originally found in the {{bp|Hoenn}} region. Registeel is set to make its debut in {{bp|Gym (GO)#Raid Battles|Raid Battles}} in {{bp|Pokémon GO}} on July 19. It will replace the current {{bp|Regice}} raids on July 19 and the Registeel raids will end on August 16.