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Detective Pikachu film to move companies

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blurb=The rights of the Detective Pikachu film are being transferred by Legendary from Universal to Warner Brothers. }}

[[File:Great Detective Pikachu.png|thumb|Detective Pikachu]] {{catg|Detective Pikachu}}
The rights of the {{bp|Detective Pikachu (movie)|Detective Pikachu}} film are being transferred by {{wp|Legendary Entertainment|Legendary}} from {{wp|Universal Pictures|Universal}} to {{wp|Warner Bros.}} The deal between Universal and Legendary is set to expire on December 31, 2018. This is the first time that Legendary and Warner Bros are working together in a {{wp|distribution deal}} since 2013. Detective Pikachu is not expected to move from the May 10 date that Universal had finalised. All of the cast and crew are to remain in their positions and there has been no information of any changes.

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