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Voice actor Unshō Ishizuka passes away

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In the Pokémon anime, Unshō Ishizuka had provided the voice for the series {{bp|narrator}}, {{bp|Professor Oak (anime)|Professor Oak}}, {{bp|Samson Oak}}, {{bp|Alder}}, {{bp|Gurkinn}}, and numerous Pokémon.
HeDue isto alsoalready well-knownrecording his parts for voicingupcoming Josephepisodes, Joestarhis invoice ''JoJo'swill Bizarrecontinue Adventure'', Satanappear in the ''DragonPokémon Ball''anime franchise,until Heihachithe Mishimaepisode inscheduled ''Tekken'',for Zabuzathe Momochifirst inweek ''Naruto'',of andOctober. KizaruHis (Borsalino)replacement inhas not yet ''Onebeen Piece''determined.
He is also well-known for voicing Joseph Joestar in ''{{wp|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}}'', Mr. Satan in the ''{{wp|Dragon Ball}}'' franchise, Heihachi Mishima in ''{{wp|Tekken}}'', Zabuza Momochi in ''{{wp|Naruto}}'', and Kizaru (Borsalino) in ''{{wp|One Piece}}''.