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Metagross distribution announced for South Korea

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blurb=To commemorate the opening of the Jamsil Lotte Department Store, there will be a Metagross distribution in South Korea. It will be available to redeem from September 15 to 26. }}

To commemorate the opening of the {{wp|Jamsil-dong|Jamsil}} {{wp|Lotte Department Store}}, there will be a {{bp|Metagross}} distribution in {{wp|South Korea}}. It will be available to redeem from September 15 to 26. It can be redeemed via local wireless at the department store. The distribution also symbolises the use of Metagross in the master division of the Korean National Championships 2018.

Metagross is Level 50 with the ability {{bp|Clear Body}}. It has the moves {{bp|Iron Head}}, {{bp|Ice Punch}}, {{bp|Bullet Punch}}, and {{bp|Stomping Tantrum}}. Metagross also comes in a {{bp|Cherish Ball}}.