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HORI to release accessories for the Poké Ball Plus

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blurb=HORI is releasing several accessories (charger, cover, and pouch) for the Poké Ball Plus. It will be available from November 16. }}

[[File:Hori Poke Ball Plus Accessories.jpg|thumb|HORI Accessories]]
HORI is releasing several accessories for the {{bp|Poké Ball Plus}}. It will be available from November 16. The prices below include tax.
*Plastic protection cover and pouch set for Poké Ball Plus (1382 {{wp|Japanese yen|yen}})
*Hard pouch for Poké Ball Plus (1382 yen)
*{{wp|USB}} charging stand for Poké Ball Plus (2138 yen)
*Pokémon Shoulder Bag for {{bp|Nintendo Switch}} (2678 yen)
*Pokémon Hard Pouch for Nintendo Switch (2354 yen)
*Pokémon Card Case for Nintendo Switch (A hard plastic case that takes 6 game cartridges. They lock the cartridge in place until you push down to release the cartridge) (1382 yen)
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