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October bonuses announced for Pokémon Duel

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blurb=Players are able to obtain Shiny Gyrados and free boosters in the October Pokémon Duel bonuses. In addition, new Ghost-type and Psychic-type Pokémon have been added in the game. }}

[[File:Pokémon Duel Logo.png|thumb|Pokémon Duel logo]] {{catg|Pokémon Duel}}
There are a number of bonuses available in October in Pokémon Duel:

*New {{bp|Ghost (type)|Ghost-type}} and {{bp|Psychic (type)|Psychic-type}} Pokémon will be added in October 2018 Boosters;
*[UX] Mega {{bp|Gardevoir}}, [UX] Mega {{bp|Banette}}, [UX] {{bp|Giratina}} Origin Forme, [EX] {{bp|Marshadow}}, and [EX] {{bp|Drifblim}} will be in the October 2018 boosters;
*One free October 2018 Booster will be available each day from October 1 through October 8;
*From October 1 to October 16, [R] {{bp|Shiny Pokémon|Shiny}} {{bp|Gyrados}} will be available as a log-in bonus.

The dates are subject to change.