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Melmetal revealed as new Mythical Pokémon

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blurb=Melmetal has been revealed as a new Mythical Pokémon and the evolution of Meltan. Further details about capture and a new signature move have also been announced. }}

{{bp|Melmetal}} has been revealed as a new {{bp|Mythical Pokémon}} and the evolution of {{bp|Meltan}}. It is the Hex Nut Pokémon and it is 8'2" tall and 1,763.7 lbs heavy. It is a {{bp|Steel (type)|Steel-type}} Pokémon.

{{bp|Pokémon GO}} players will be able to catch Meltan once they receive a Mystery Box. Players will receive the box after transferring their first Pokémon from Pokémon GO to {{bp|Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!}}. The evolution of Meltan into Melmetal can only occur in Pokémon GO after obtaining 400 Meltan {{bp|Candy|Candies}}.

Melmetal also has a new signature move called Double Iron Bash that hits two times. It also has a chance to make the opposing Pokémon flinch.

{{Quote|Melmetal was worshiped in ancient times as a Pokémon with the power to create metal. Because of its Evolution from Meltan, its body has hardened and is now incredibly sturdy. Melmetal is made of liquid metal, and its flexible arms can be whipped forward to deliver a devastating punch. It can also execute a powerful, unique Steel-type physical move known as Double Iron Bash. By using the hex nut in its chest like an axle to spin its arms around, Melmetal can deal a double strike to its opponent. The weight of the heavy hex nuts on its arms combined with the spinning motion gives the Double Iron Bash move extraordinary power.|Nintendo}}