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{{event/loc|807|Zeraora|n=Fula City Zeraora|10|1|2018|12|31|2018|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|PAL|Serial code: preordered movie tickets|type1=Electric}}
{{event/loc|803|Poipole|n=Ultra Shiny Poipole|10|19|2018|12|31|2018|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|PAL|Serial code: Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter|type1=Poison}}
{{event/loc|807|Zeraora|n=Fula City Zeraora|10|19|2018|1|24|2019|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|American|Serial code: preordered movie tickets|type1=Electric}}
{{event/loc|type=item|Master Ball|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Guide Book Master Balls|n=USUM Official Guidebook Master Balls|12|6|2017|1|31|2019|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Japanese|Serial code: USUM Official Guidebook Complete Story Walkthrough + Alola Pokédex|type1=poison}}