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{{Lead article|
article=Pokémon Rumble Rush released inworldwide Australiaon Android |
tagline=NewComing mobilesoon gameto available for AndroidiOS |
linktarget=Pokémon_Rumble_Rush_released_in_AustraliaPokémon_Rumble_Rush_released_worldwide_on_Android |
pictype=thumb |
picture=Pokémon Rumble Rush logo.png |
caption=Pokémon Rumble Rush logo |
weekday=ThursdayWednesday |
day=1622 |
month=5 |
year=2019 |
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sourcename=OfficialGoogle Pokémon sitePlay |
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blurb=The new mobile game Pokémon Rumble Rush has been released in Australia on Android worldwide. WhileAfter itbeing isreleased currently only availableexclusively in Australia, anda onlyweek on Androidago, anthe iOSgame versionis andnow fullavailable worldwidein almost releaseall willregional beGoogle comingPlay soonstores.
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==News in brief==
; [[Pokémon Rumble Rush released in Australia]]: New mobile game available for Android
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==Developing stories==
; May 20&#58; [[Draft:Marvel, The Pokemon Company partner with NetEase to launch games in China|Marvel, The Pokemon Company partner with NetEase to launch games in China]]: