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{{event/loc|025|Pikachu|n=Pokémon Pass Shiny Pikachu|5|11|2019|6|23|2019|Let’s Go, Eevee!|American|Serial code: Target stores|type1=electric}}
{{event/loc|133|Eevee|n=Pokémon Pass Shiny Eevee|5|11|2019|6|23|2019|Let’s Go, Pikachu!|American|Serial code: Target stores|type1=normal}}
{{event/loc|788|Tapu Fini|n=Poni Island Shiny Tapu Fini|5|21|2019|6|28|2019|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Japanese|Serial code: Global Link|type1=Water|type2=Fairy}}
{{event/loc|type=item|Roto Hatch|Pokémon Center Roto Loto Distribution|11|17|2017|6|30|2019|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Japanese|Serial code: Pokémon Center stores|type1=grass}}