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Pokémon Masters to be released this summer

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In addition to standard moves, players can occasionally deploy sync moves—powerful attacks performed by specific sync pairs. Sync move animations borrow many visual aspects from {{bp|Z-Move}}s.
Masters Acerola Passoland.png|Acerola and Passoland
Masters Korrina Lucario.png|Korrina and Lucario
Masters Iris Haxorus.png|Iris and Haxorus
Masters Rosa Snivy.png|Rosa and Snivy
Masters Thorton Bronzong.png|Thorton and Bronzong
Masters Cynthia Garchomp.png|Cynthia and Garchomp
Masters Barry Piplup.png|Barry and Piplup
Masters Flannery Torkoal.png|Flannery and Torkoal
Masters Brendan Treecko.png|Brendan and Treecko
Masters Clair Kingdra.png|Clair and Kingdra
Masters Blue Pidgeot.png|Blue and Pidgeot
Masters Misty Starmie.png|Misty and Starmie
Masters Brock Onix.png|Brock and Onix
Masters Red Charizard.png|Red and Charizard