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[[File:Pokémon Sword Shield logo.png|thumb|Pokémon Sword and Shield logo]]

On July 8th, more {{bp|Pokémon Sword and Shield}} news was announced in a new trailer released by {{bp|Pokémon}}.

==New Pokémon==

*The {{bp|Rock (type)|Rock-type}} Pokémon, {{bp|Rolycoly}} was revealed. It has the abilities {{bp|Steam Engine}} and {{bp|Heatproof}}.

*{{bp|Alcreme}} was revealed as a {{bp|Fairy (type)|Fairy-type}} Pokémon which has the ability {{bp|Sweet Veil}}.

*{{bp|Duraludon}} was revealed as a {{bp|Steel (type)|Steel}} and {{bp|Dragon(type)|Dragon-type}} Pokémon with the abilities {{bp|Light Metal}} and {{bp|Heavy Metal}}.

*The trailer also showed more gameplay of {{bp|Yamper}}.


*{{bp|Chairman Rose}} is the head of the {{bp|Pokémon League}} in the {{bp|Galar}} region.

*{{bp|Oleana}} was revealed as Chairman Rose's secretary.

*{{bp|Bea}} and {{bp|Allister}} are two new {{bp|Gym Leaders}} who will appear. Bea is a {{bp|Fighting (type)|fighting-type}} trainer and will only appear in Pokémon Sword. Allister is a {{bp|Ghost (type)|ghost-type}} trainer who will only appear in Pokémon Shield.

Alcreme, {{bp|Corviknight}}, and {{bp|Drednaw}} were all shown to have {{bp|Dynamax}} forms.

File:Sword Shield Chairman Rose.png|Chairman Rose
File:Sword Shield Oleana.png|Oleana
File:Sword Shield Bea.png|Bea
File:Sword Shield Allister.png|Allister
File:Alcremie-Gigantamax.png|Alcremie (Dynamax)
File:Drednaw-Gigantamax.png|Drednaw (Dynamax)
File:Corviknight-Gigantamax.png|Corviknight (Dynamax)