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blurb=ANew newitems, Abilities and a move in Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer hashave been released,announced revealingat newthe 2019 Pokémon, regionalWorld variants,Championships. characters,New information about Dynamax and Pokéonline battles was also Jobsannounced.
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==Older articles==
* August 7: [[Pokémon Sword, Shield trailer reveals Galarian forms, Morpeko, Team Yell]]
* August 3: [[Mewtwo to be distributed for Let's Go games in UK, France, Germany]]
* July 27: [[Pokémon Duel service ending Oct 31st]]
* October 13: [[Generation IV coming to Pokémon GO]]
* October 12: [[Pokémon Center to open in Singapore]]
* October 6: [[October bonuses announced for Pokémon Duel]]