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| height="20" colspan="3" style="border: solid #{{news color dark}}; border-width: 0 0 2px 0" |
{{event/loc|150|Mewtwo|n=Pokémon Pass Mewtwo|11|4|2019|11|14|2019|Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!|American|Serial code: Best Buy Pokémon Pass|type1=psychic}}
{{event/loc|791|Solgaleo|n=Eclipse Shiny Solgaleo|11|15|2019|12|31|2019|Sun and Ultra Sun|Korean|Serial code: Sword and Shield preorder|type1=psychic|type2=steel}}
{{event/loc|792|Lunala|n=Eclipse Shiny Lunala|11|15|2019|12|31|2019|Moon and Ultra Moon|Korean|Serial code: Sword and Shield preorder|type1=psychic|type2=ghost}}