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{{epi-dub|12|7|SM133|Battling on the Wing!}}
{{epi-dub|12|14|SM134|The Road to the Semifinals!}}
{{epi-dub|12|21|SM135|The Final Four!}}
{{epi-dub|12|28|SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!}}
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{{epi-dub|12|21|SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|12|28|SM133|Battling on the Wing!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|1|4|SM134|The Road to the Semifinals!|12 p.m.}}-->
{{epi-dub|1|11|SM135|The Final Four!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|1|18|SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!|12 p.m.}}-->
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{{epi-dub|||SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!|||GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM133|Battling on the Wing!|||GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM134|The Road to the Semifinals|||GMT}}-->
{{epi-dub|||SM135|The Final Four!|||GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!|||GMT}}-->
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{{epi-dub|||SM132|Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!|||AEDT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM133|Battling on the Wing!|||AEDT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM134|The Road to the Semifinals!|||AEDT}}-->
{{epi-dub|||SM135|The Final Four!|||AEDT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!|||AEDT}}-->