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Pokémon Global Link to shut down in February

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blurb=After more than nine years, Pokémon Global Link is shutting down in late February 2020. But not without giving away a special Munna for (Ultra) Sun and Moon players as a special thank you gift for using the service. }}

Well, this is the end, beautiful friends. After more than nine years, {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} will be shutting down in late February 2020. However, they have one last farewell gift as a way to say thanks for using the service.

A special {{bp|Munna (Pokémon)|Munna}} will be given away to players of the {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon|''Sun'', ''Moon''}}, {{bp|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|''Ultra Sun'' and ''Ultra Moon''}} games for Nintendo 3DS. This Munna is based on Fennel's from the ''Black'' and ''White'' games, and is kept in a Dream Ball. It can be obtained with a code, before the end of February, when the site closes.