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This week in Japan: October 16 - 22, 2005

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blurb=DeltaSuicune gives us another glimpse at Pokémon news in Japan with two stories from Pokeani.
* More Pokémon-themed DS covers planned
* More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed }}
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[[Image:Lucariocase.jpg|thumb|right|Lucario DS case]]
= More Pokémon-themed DS covers planned =
''(Source: [ Pokeani])''

On Nov. 24, Nintendo DS covers featuring {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Mew}}-Jump and Pokémon Torō ze will released in Japan. Each has a respective icon emblazoned on the hard plastic case.

= More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed =
''(Source: [ Pokeani], [ Pokeani])''

In the menu, there is a "Team" header that lets one select tactics, moves and general behavior for one's teammates. The "Item" header is now known to be involved in item usage, attacks, distributions to teammates and leaving them on the ground.

More item types are now known as well; items now have more variety in their effects, such as the new Momon Scarf, which makes the holder immune to poisons.

As well, unlike in previous games, one's Pokémon now have a "hunger" meter, and their appetites must be replenished during missions or otherwise. Normally one's HP will refill over time simply by walking around, but if one's hunger is at 0, one's HP will decrease instead. Eat items like Apples to replenish one's hunger bar.