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New Pokémon Ranger information revealed

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blurb=PreviewsLast forweek's upcomingupdate gameon Pokémonthe Rangerofficial inJapanese CoroCoroPokémon andWeb Famitsusite andbrought ana major update on the Web site's Pokémon Ranger atpage with new artwork, screenshots and even}}
Last week's update on the official Japanese websitePokémon Web site brought a major update on the websiteWeb site's [ Pokémon Ranger page] with new artworksartwork, screenshots and even videos.
[[Image:CoroCoro0106_01.jpg|230px|left|thumb|Page 50 and 51 from CoroCoro]]
[[Image:CoroCoro0106_02.jpg|230px|right|thumb|Page 52 and 53 from CoroCoro]]
Additionally, the February 2006 issue of CoroCoro alsoComics features thesome new information for Pokémon Ranger. The scans showed up on the internetInternet a week ago; thumbnails are on the left and the right,. clickClick them to see themlarger largerversions.
[[Image:Ranger_Famitsu0602_p98.jpg|230px|left|thumb|Page 98 from Famitsu]]
[[Image:Ranger_Famitsu0602_p99.jpg|230px|right|thumb|Page 99 from Famitsu]]
Also, theThe February 2006 issue of Famitsu features a 2 two-page preview of the upcoming Pokémon Ranger game for the Nintendo DS. Bulbagarden and Bulbanews are proud to be able to offer the full scans of this preview, which showed up on the internetInternet today and which youone can sampleview by clicking on the thumbnails to the left and right.
AmongstAmong other details revealed, are the names and character designs of two ranger "leaders"," ''Hayate'' and ''Jō'', whowere revealed. These characters presumably are responsible for assigning the player theirhis missions.
Bulbanews will provide more information once the preview has been fully translated.