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Scan of new Pokémon surfaces

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In the movie, a Pokémon Ranger named ジャッキー ''Jackie'' is sent on a mission involving Manaphy.
Additionally, the scan shows silhouettes of three more new Pokémon whose names have been found by
*'''Left''': タマンタ ''Tamanta''; Looks like a new fish Pokémon; may be related to {{p|Mantine}}.
*'''Center''': Has a tail that is split in two.
*'''Right''': Has a shape like a musical note.
Finally,The itother statestwo thatPokémon thesenames threeare newペラップ Pokémon''Perappu'' willand beブイゼル revealed''Buizeru'', inbut fullit inis nextunknown month'swhich issuename belongs to which Pokémon.
Finally, the magazine states that these three new Pokémon will be fully revealed in full in next month's issue.