Special Edition Charizard Nintendo 3DS XL announced for Japan

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  • Friday, October 26, 2012

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The Official Japanese Pokémon Site has announced that Japanese Pokémon Centers will be selling a limited number of Charizard themed 3DS XL consoles, with a Japan-wide raffle to determine who will have the chance to purchase them. The console will retail for 18,900円.

Charizard Edition 3DS

The raffle to purchase the console will begin on November 3rd, with prospective customers being able to enter the raffle in-person at Pokémon Center stores across Japan, or via mail. The console itself will go on sale on the 15th of December, and will be withdrawn from sale on the 14th of January, 2013.

At this stage, there is no information on exactly how limited this release will be, or if we can expect this console to eventually get an international release. The previously released Pikachu special edition 3DS XL console, which sold out on its first day in Japan, has recently been announced as having a European release later this year, though no information has been given at this stage on any possible American release.