TRsRockin shuts down

Webmaster moves on to different pastures
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  • Thursday, March 3, 2011

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TRsRockin has closed its doors. The fan site was shut down in February 2011. TRsRockin had been online since December 2000, and endured over ten years of service. It mainly hosted information on glitches and early episodes of the anime, as well as fandom information like cosplay and collectibles.

Webmaster Mandy Nader, also known as "TR Rose", closed the site because she was no longer interested in Pokémon.

I've lost interest in many of the things I originally focused this site on, I haven't really updated in years, and I don't see myself updating any time soon.

This is a decision that's been a long time in coming, and now just feels like the right time.

  -- Mandy Nader  

Pages related to Mandy's cosplays have been moved to her new website, Meow About Cosplay.

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