TV Tokyo reveals 167th Diamond & Pearl episode

Hikari will practice new combination
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  • Friday, February 19, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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TV Tokyo has just revealed the title for the 167th episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl. The episode 「海辺のポケモンスクール!」 The Beach Pokémon School! is set to air on TV Tokyo on March 11.


The episode is set in a Pokémon school by a beach, where Hikari is said to become a school teacher. The site also mentions that Hikari will try a new contest combination. Musashi, disguised as Candy Musalina, will also win her fourth ribbon from Tonarino Town in this episode. Ayako, Hikari's mother, will be one of the judges of the Tonarino Contest.

Hikari is a Pokémon Coordinator, whose current goal is to participate and win the Grand Festival of her home region. She won her first ribbon in the Pokémon Contest in Sonoo Town. After two loses, she managed to win her second one after defeating Haruka in the Mikuri Cup, which was held near Risshi Lake, where the upcoming Grand Festival will be held. Her last three ribbons were obtained from the contests in Kannagi Town, Akebi Town, and Asatsuki Town, the last two of which were won after defeating one of her rivals, Urara.

Over the duration of her journey so far, Hikari was able to come up with various contest combinations. The first one involves her Pokémon spinning as they use a move or evade one. This was followed by the more complex Ice Aqua Jet. Her Buizel was unable to master the combination until later on, when became part of Satoshi's team. The next combination once again involves ice. By swallowing its Ice Throwing Stone, her Mammoo is able to gain some sort of ice armor on its back. Her latest combination is known as Flame Ice, which was just mastered during the battle that earned her her fifth ribbon.