Third Full Restore marathon raising money for British Red Cross hosting live-stream to raise money for the British Red Cross
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  • Friday, March 29, 2013

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With the onset of live-streaming, Pokémon game marathons are becoming a regular occurrence on the internet, with numerous gamers doing what they can to raise money for good causes across the world. In the past, the British Pokémon fansite has raised over £8,000 and they have now embarked on their next live stream - to play through as many games as they can until April 2nd, with the order determined by donations, to raise money for the British Red Cross, a large charitable organisation known for their disaster relief efforts and helping people in crisis, regardless of what shore they're on.

They are currently playing through Pokémon Red Version and have managed to already raise over £400! Anyone who donates has the option to influence the game play in many ways - such as choosing the Pokémon that will be caught and their nicknames and other requests.

The live stream can be viewed and more information can be found out about the stream, on Full Restore's website