This week in Japan: August 28 - September 3, 2005

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  • Saturday, September 3, 2005

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Possible postponement for Mystery Dungeon games

(Source: Pokeani)

The release date for both Pokémon: Dungeon of Mystery games has been removed from the official Nintendo release schedule. It is possible that their release has been postponed, though the lack of official announcements on the official Pokémon site and other major game news sites suggest a case of misinformation. Both games were previously revealed to go on sale November 17 in Japan.

More details on Pokémon Torō ze revealed

(Source: Pokeani)

Launching October 20 for the Nintendo DS, this new puzzle game will feature lining up rows of four small, cubified Pokémon, much like Tetris. The DS stylus will be the primary action tool, used to drag blocks to reorder them. Over 380 Pokémon will be iconified.

As well as the main puzzle mode, included is a story mode where the player must save Pokémon from an evil organization, battling giant foes in action puzzle style. The main character's name is Lucy Lightfoot, and apparently other gimmicks such as giant airships will be present in the adventure mode.

Revelation Lugia next for Advance Movies

(Source: Pokeani)

The Advance Movie version of the second Pokémon movie, Revelation Lugia, will be released for Game Boy Advance on September 22. Advance Movies are cartridges that play full-length movies on one's Game Boy.