UK VGC and TCG National Championships 2015 Results

Confirmation of the top four in each division
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  • Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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The UK VGC and TCG National Championships 2015 took place at Event City in Manchester on 30 and 31 May and the top four of each division have been confirmed by the Pokémon Company International. The top four of each division won invitations and Travel Awards to the VGC and TCG World Championships 2015 taking place from 21 to 23 August in Boston, Massachusetts. The confirmed places in each division are:

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Trading Card Game Junior Division

  • Winner: Adam B.
  • Finalist: Vanshay B.
  • Semi Finalist: Marcus P.
  • Semi Finalist: Robin W.

Trading Card Game Senior Division

  • Winner: Adam G.
  • Finalist: Kyle G.
  • Semi Finalist: Joshua T.
  • Semi Finalist: Luke C. L.

Trading Card Game Masters Division

  • Winner: Oliver Fennelly
  • Finalist: Alex Dao
  • Semi Finalist: Jamie Serhan
  • Semi Finalist: Karl Blake

Video Game Junior Division

  • Winner: Enzo T.
  • Finalist: Rhys S.
  • Semi Finalist: Lisle C.
  • Semi Finalist: Charlie T.

Video Game Senior Division

  • Winner: Jack D.
  • Finalist: Joseph R.
  • Semi Finalist: Jan T.
  • Semi Finalist: Mark M.

Video Game Masters Division

  • Winner: Markus Stadter
  • Finalist: Arash Ommati
  • Semi Finalist: Eugenio Discalzi
  • Semi Finalist: Baris Akcos

There is also a YouTube video on the Official Pokémon Channel, called the 2015 Pokémon UK National Championships Recap, including clips of the matches, participants and some of the semi-finalists, finalists and winners. This is shown in the video below.


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