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         The best pokemon for double battle are-shuckle, known for its highest defence stats its will be impossible to faint it. second one is metogross- metogross is known for its attack. third one is steelix- steelix is known for its attack and defence. And finally the fourth pokemon is alakazam. it is known for its reflect and defence lowering moves.
         When you send out shuckle and metogross make sure your shuckle knows protect and also make sure metogross knows explosion. let shuckle use protect. after that let metogross use explosion. hopefully every one will faint except shuckle. when it tells you to send out another pokemon sent out steelix. if your shuckle knows any move that will lower the foe's team's defence make him use that. then make steelix use a move that will hurt everybody except shuckle and steelix- maybe a move like rock slide. after you keep battling and if your shuckle faints sent out alakazam. Let your alakazam use reflect and let your steelixe use rock slide. if you keep that up you will definitly win.