Web advertisement reveals more English names

More localizations emerge from triple battle advertisement
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  • Monday, February 7, 2011

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A web advertisement has revealed more English names for fifth generation Pokémon.

Several frames of the advertisement for triple battles which revealed the names

The advertisement, seen on websites such as GameFAQs, reveals that Choroneko is localized as Purrloin, Tabunne as Audino, Chillaccino as Cinccino, Emonga as Emolga, Dentula as Galvantula, and Ononokus as Haxorus.

The new names join a list of localizations revealed in the ongoing Black and White mall tour.

The species names were apparently released by accident. The focus of the advertisement is the new triple battle feature to be introduced in Pokémon Black and White. The latest paired versions in the Pokémon series release internationally next month.

Update:  These Pokémon have now all been released officially on Pokémon.com.


Image Japanese English
  Choroneko Purrloin
  Tabunne Audino
  Chillaccino Cinccino
  Emonga Emolga
  Dentula Galvantula
  Ononokus Haxorus