Xerneas Yveltal Blue 3DS XL sells out on Amazon in nine hours

Amazon.co.jp has sold their whole stock of 100,000 units
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  • Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Amazon.co.jp has sold out of Xerneas Yveltal Blue Nintendo 3DS XLs after only nine hours from opening pre-orders for the bundle. Amazon.co.jp originally had a total stock of 100,000 units before they became sold out. At 10 a.m. on 10 August Amazon.co.jp opened pre-orders for the Xerneas Yveltal Blue 3DS XLs and Premium Gold 3DS XLs. One hour later at 11 a.m. the Premium Gold 3DS XLs were sold out. Eight hours later at 7 p.m. Xerneas Yveltal Blue 3DS XL with Pokémon X and Y pre-installed bundles were sold out. Amazon.co.jp still have pre-orders for Pokémon X and Y versions in stock.

Xerneas Yveltal Blue 3DS XL