Zygarde 10% Forme, Complete Forme revealed for Sun and Moon

Promotional videos aired at Taiwan National Championships
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  • Saturday, June 11, 2016

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Update 2:  An English trailer is now also available, revealing the English name of the move used by Zygarde Complete Forme to be Core Enforcer. The trailer does not reveal an English name for the Ability.

Update:  The promotional videos aired at the Taiwan National Championships have now been uploaded in Japanese on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel.

Zygarde 10% Forme transforming into Complete Forme, with its Ability Swarm Change

Footage of Zygarde 10% Forme and Zygarde Complete Forme in Pokémon Sun and Moon has been revealed. Originally aired at the 2016 Taiwan Pokémon Video Game National Championships, it has also been uploaded to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel.

Zygarde 10% Forme was shown using the moves Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows. These moves exist in the code of the Generation VI games, but they are currently unobtainable.

When at low HP, Zygarde 10% Forme's Ability Swarm Change (スワームチェンジ) activates, changing it into Complete Forme and restoring HP.

Zygarde Complete Forme was shown using the new move Core Enforcer. This move has a long animation, in which Zygarde rises into the air, prepares an energy orb at its chest, then shoots a beam that draws a Z shape on top of the target, which then bursts fire. While its type has not been revealed, it dealt super-effective damage to Garchomp.




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Zygarde 10% Forme

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Zygarde Complete Forme

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